Truck Tarp

Truck Tarps - Cargo Cover For Pickups

The truck tarp is the best cargo cover to come along for pickup truck owners in years!  No more loose, flapping tarps that are hard to tie down and secure.  Truck tarps have the tie-downs attached so they can't come loose.  No need to modify your truck - uses your existing tie-downs.  The truck tarp will cover any load up to cab height, is easy to install and remove and will store behind the seat of your pickup easily.  Every truck owner should have one.

To Install:
1.  Place the tarp over your load.
2.  Fasten the hooks to the tie-down points on your truck.
3.  Tighten the straps.


  • 14x14 weave count industrial grade polyethylene.

  • Three 1 inch polypropylene webbing straps.

  • Six 1 inch vinyl coated steel hooks.

  • Three 1 inch aluminum military buckles.

  • PC grommets every 12 inches at front and back ends of tarp.

Get a truck tarp and say goodbye to loose, flapping, hard to secure tarps forever!